At the age of seven, he started break dancing with The Goodfoot Dance Crew in Avondale, Arizona. His curiosity for dj'ing was born at his first showcase when he had to perform to a live dj. After relentlessly pleading for equipment for birthdays and holidays, Supernatural finally got his first set of turn tables and started spinning. Under the careful mentorship of DJ Bluedice, he was encouraged to explore and develop his own style. He learned how to mix his own 'new school' flavor while still paying homage to the classics. Supernatural's free spirited sound is appreciated by crowds of all ages. When he's not dj'ing, Supernatural enjoys playing football, dominoes, a. reading comic books.

Dj Supernatural Bio

DJ Supernatural was born to parents that shared their love of music from the time they knew he was on his way. His father use to put head phones on his mother's tummy and play music in hopes of getting him to move. As a baby he was always moving whenever music was in the background. At the age of 6 he saved up his allowance money for almost a year to by his own iPod.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, his acquired musical tastes include an assorted blend of funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, and rock. DJ Supernatural's favorite Bay Area artists include: Tower of Power, Goapale, Keyshia Cole, E40, Mac Dre and Santana. He incorporates that unique California-influenced sound into all of his sets.